Shopping is an activity that you should not miss in Bali on your holidays.  Once satisfied playing on the beach, shopping on the agenda for the next activity you must do in Bali. Suitable for keepsakes or souvenirs for family back home.

Traditional Markets
Sukawati market shopping is the most popular souvenirs in Bali. Starting from the backpacker to the tour participants, they must come to this place to hunt for souvenirs typical of Bali. Sukawati market is located in the village of Ubud, District of Ubud, Gianyar regency. Of Kuta, just 45 minutes into this market.

Arriving at Sukawati market, guaranteed you will be confused to make choices. Starting from clothes typical Bali, keychains, accessories such as necklaces and bracelets, paintings, and much more here. Sukawati market is wide and there are lots of vendor stalls.

Sukawati market is open from 08.00 pm. Friendly merchants will welcome you. Price the items here were varied, ranging from Rp 10 thousand to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Ubud market on Jalan Raya Ubud, Gianyar. Just like Sukawati market, this is a traditional market with various types of goods. Bargain become the norm here.

Ubud Market has 2 levels. In the stalls eraser, you can hunt clothes, art items such as paintings, accessories such as bracelets and necklaces, and much more. In Ubud Market, the clothes is more diverse and has a lot of different motives. You can choose according to taste.

Prices in Ubud market is a little more expensive than Sukawati Market. However, the goods here are more qualified. Works of art by artists such as painting or sculpture be the most coveted item traveler here.

Gold and Silver places at Celuk Gianyar
Berjarak 15 km dari Denpasar, Celuk adalah sebuah desa penghasil kerajinan emas dan perak.
Beraneka macam jenis kerajinan emas dan perak di sini berupa cincin, kalung, gelang, bros, hingga peralatan makan. Dengan harga yang bervariasi. Siapkan strategi jitu untuk tawar menawar di sini.

Jangan ragu dengan kualitas kerajinan emas dan perak di Celuk. Sebabnya, turis mancanegara juga gemar berburu kerajinan tersebut di sini. Anda juga bisa melihat langsung bagaimana proses pembuatan emas dan perak menjadi kalung atau cicin.

24 hours souvenir places
Krisna gift shop Bali. Various kinds of souvenirs you can find in Krishna. Starting from Udeng, Balinese hats, shirts, bags, Balinese snacks, hats, fabric Bali, until painting can be found there. Here you can bargain the price, but the price is quite affordable. His store is spacious and comfortable. Prices shown in each cargo would allow you to make a choice.

At the rear, you can choose the clothes with the words and cute pictures. It costs around Rp 20000 – 50000 only. Not only that, there are also a variety of specialty coffees Bali like Kintamani coffee, mangsi coffee and Bali Spirit coffee.

Coffee offered was 2 kinds, namely powder and coffee beans. The price for a small bag of coffee also vary, from Rp 10500-100000. Do not forget to buy knick-knacks such as traditional children’s toys, traditional musical instruments, wooden ladle, ukulele, kites, cups and pins are pretty funny.

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